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This site was created in 2007 by real estate broker, Kathleen Jones, as a way to provide information to interested buyers and offer an exclusive service to sellers of Portola Springs.

From the inception of the development of Portola Springs, Kathleen has kept up on the planning, construction and development of this masterplanned community and has maintained files of each model in order to provide only the best possible service to interested buyers and motivated sellers.

Kathleen’s background in real estate includes working as an investment manager for an equity provider of residential real estate development projects in California and Hawaii where she provided extensive market research on new home developments in these areas. Since this time she has kept an interest and has become an expert in new homes in and around the Orange County area. Kathleen is here to help anyone interested in buying, selling or renting a home in and around Portola Springs.

The community of Portola Springs has significant geographic and historical features that have been preserved and incorporated into a community of five distinctive residential enclaves featuring 4,500 single and multi-family homes. The site has varied topography that transitions from relatively flat ground to rolling hills with the Lomas Ridge as a backdrop. The site was home to Native American inhabitants who used the natural spring for water and was visited by Gaspar de Portola during the explorer’s expedition and encampment on the site in the late 1800’s. The master plan has set aside a 100 acre preserve in the Tomato Springs enclave featuring interactive exhibits and native plants and grasses. This preserve is adjacent to the 25 acre Community Park and a Community Center. Care was also taken to preserve the eucalyptus windrows that have been on site for decades as well as avocado orchards that surround two of the enclaves. Using these site conditions as opportunities for a unique community TRG Land conceptualized five distinctive residential enclaves connected by an extensive multi-use trail system that links residents, schools, parks, recreational areas and natural preserves. The collaborative design team includes EDAW, Stantec, and Digital Preview.